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Welcome to The Law Office of Lynne A. Weitzel, PC. mediation services website. After graduating from the University of California in Los Angeles and then Tulane Law School, I wound up in Colorado practicing family law. That was in 1994. For the past 28 plus years, I have both litigated and settled too many divorce and parenting actions to count. After seeing the numerous cases which have been resolved in mediation, or should have been resolved in mediation, I decided to quit divorce litigation and open my door for mediation to help families come together during what can be a very difficult time.

I believe most issues in divorce and custody matters can be settled via discussion and compromise between the parties. Parties often need a neutral third party, however, to help them navigate the system, fashion a parenting plan, or reach a compromise on the division of property. Moving toward a resolution of issues, rather than spending thousands of dollars litigating matters, is usually in everyone’s best interest. A full agreement will also save the parties time and energy.