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Using Divorce Mediation for Child Custody

//Using Divorce Mediation for Child Custody

Using Divorce Mediation for Child Custody

Using Divorce Mediation for Child CustodyUsing divorce mediation for child custody has proven to be a successful solution for hundreds of Denver couples helped by Mediate Don’t Litigate. When a partnership breaks down, the couple’s children can get caught in the middle. To minimize distress for the parents and children, mediation can use conflict-free resolution tools to help create a workable plan for the future. Consider the following advantages of mediation if you find yourself in this challenging situation.

Less Stressful for Parents

When custody cases go to court, couples are pitted against each other and one clear winner is decided by a judge who doesn’t know anything about your family dynamic except for what’s presented in court. With mediation, there are no winners or losers. The aim is for both sides to be satisfied. When parents work together to create a mutually beneficial childcare plan, their negative emotions and stress caused by the break-up can often be eased.

Children Don’t Get Forced to Choose a Side

One prevalent and unfortunate side effect of divorce is that children feel like they have to pick a side or choose to support one parent over the other. Parents fighting at home and in the courtroom can place a huge emotional burden on the child. Divorce mediation for child custody allows the parents to make the welfare of the child a top priority. Creating an agreed upon practical plan for parental access, education, vacations and childcare will support a strong relationship with both parents.

The Affordable Option

If each partner hires a lawyer to represent them, the overall cost of the time spent in court can reach thousands of dollars. For couples who wish to save a considerable amount of money and use their energy on working for a better future, mediation is the obvious choice. A neutral, third-party mediator is a valuable resource to have during the process of assigning custody and responsibilities of a child.

Develops Lasting Positive Relationship

Mediation focuses entirely on the best future for both partners and the child or children involved. Although the couple may have experienced difficulties in their past relationship, if they are willing to co-operate for the sake of their children, they can have a positive relationship in the future. A mediator can share their tools and techniques for communication and conflict resolution, empowering both parties to cultivate a stable working relationship for the years to come.

Before getting involved in a lengthy legal battle, take a moment to consider using divorce mediation for child custody. Often the “winner” of a court case for custody later realizes that their victory may be at the expense of the children’s relationship with a parent. A long-lasting positive outcome for all parties is achieved through careful mediation with an experienced professional.

Here at Mediate Don’t Litigate, I have over two decades of experience in helping families resolve their custody issues without entering the courtroom. To learn more about divorce mediation for child custody and to schedule a session, please call today or get in touch via our online contact form.


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