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7 Big Benefits of Divorce Mediation

//7 Big Benefits of Divorce Mediation

7 Big Benefits of Divorce Mediation

7 Big Benefits of Divorce Mediation Mediate Don't Litigate DenverHere at Mediate Don’t Litigate in Denver, we want to share the 7 big benefits of divorce mediation. Many people don’t realize that mediation is an excellent litigation alternative. It can be a much less stressful and drawn out process than going to court.

Avoid Court

Mediation is a great way to avoid going to court, sometimes all together. Once an agreement is finalized, you or your attorney can simply file all of the prepared paperwork with the court. A judge then reviews and signs it. In some jurisdictions, a brief court appearance may still be required. This appearance would be to tell the court about the agreement or to confirm that you approve of the mediated decisions.

Reach Agreement Faster

Court divorce cases can take months, or they can last years depending on how complex or contentious the situation. Also, because courts nationwide have experienced budget cuts, personnel reductions and furlough days, the length of court cases is now even longer. Alternatively, mediation is completed on the participants’ timeline and so, it can be done much quicker, potentially in just days if both sides are willing to compromise.

Clients Determine Process

In mediation, clients determine their agreement’s terms and the mediator assists with the process. The agreement is not finalized until both clients agree with the terms. Because a judge is not involved in the terms, clients do not have to worry about being ordered to do something that makes no sense to either one of the parties.

Lower Cost

Litigation can be very expensive with a highly unpredictable final cost. One party may also be ordered to pay attorney fees for the other side. Divorce mediation costs, on the other hand, are often lower because the process focuses on a constructive solution. Neither party is working overtime or behind the scenes to “win” their case. The cost for mediation reflects the time spent actively pursuing solutions and resolving issues.

More Satisfied Clients

Also on our list of 7 big benefits of divorce mediation, are positive outcomes. Couples who participate in divorce mediation are generally much more satisfied with their results. In traditional litigation, even if one of the parties is satisfied with the final result, they are frequently unhappy about the amount of money spent on the process.


The privacy of mediation clients is protected. Clients can make determinations about what will appear in the public record. In public courtrooms, all allegations are publicly aired and all exchanges become a part of the public record. Mediation avoids the public airing of your private matters and personal information.

Relationships are Preserved

Divorce is never easy, and there may be feelings of anger or resentment that keep both sides from being able to communicate effectively. As a neutral third party, a mediator facilitates a productive conversation by keeping you and your spouse focused on the issues instead of continuing to argue or sling accusations. Ultimately, this allows both parties to divorce and even salvage their relationship. This is one of the greatest benefits of divorce mediation.

Now that you know about 7 big benefits of divorce mediation, you can understand why mediation may be an excellent alternative for your situation. These are just a few of the benefits of mediation – there are many more. If you are in need of a mediator for your divorce, please contact Mediate Don’t Litigate in Denver for a consultation.

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